Active Projects

Pixeldb for iPhone

I developed this app to have a tool like IMDB, but for video games. All content is made available from the great Giant Bomb community.

Film Snak Podcast

A danish podcast where I, together with friends, talk about the latest movie releases and news. Started in Jan. 2014 and we release new episodes every Monday. Listen here (danish)!

Krager og Drager Podcast

I love Game of Thrones! I started this podcast to discuss the latest episodes and try to predict the future of the show. Listen here (danish)!

En Verden af Vand Podcast

The latest podcast adventure! You might think the movie Waterworld has issues, but then you should try to read the book. That is what we are doing in this podcast, reading the entire Waterworld book for you to enjoy. Listen here (danish)!

Retired Projects

Postmortem Podcast

My first podcast in English. This was a more structured show where we talked with game developers about their productions. We created 9 really great (I think) episodes where we talked with some amazing people, but decided to close the show because of it being to time-consuming. Listen here (english)!